Project Description


Carlos Blanco

Madrid– born in 1983. His work focuses on the figure, and particularly in the face and deformation. It also has other lines of work, which comes in random, and formal experimentation. He has exhibited at the Ouchi Gallery in New York, Nina Torres Gallery in Miami, Spanish Center in New York, MuseumOrús in UteboPablo Serrano Museum inZaragoza ( IAACC), Camón Aznar Museum in Zaragoza, Galerie Thuillier in Paris, Asian Contemporary Art Show in Hong Kong orCarrousel du LouvreLouvre Museum in Paris.

Eliana Martinez

ELIANA MARTINEZ is an International Artist and Architect living in Miami, Florida. She was born in Colombia and has always had a passion for drawing and a sensibility for lines and colors. Her artwork expresses symmetry and proportion, generating a deep sense of symbolism. The visual narrative of her work shows an emotional link between the human and the artistic experience expressed with a dynamic sense of textures and forms.
Her artworks had been exhibited in LOUVRE Museum and Galleries in PARIS-FRANCE, LIEGE-KINGDOM of BELGIUM, Galleries and Art Fairs in SEOUL COREA, WASHINGTON DC, ART BASEL 2014-2015 and Galleries in MIAMI, Florida

Jose Luis Muñoz

Jose Luis Muñoz paints muted abstracted environmental portraits that explore themes such as climate change, urban development, lost civilizations, urban sprawl and the material hubris humans leave in their wake.

His eye veers to the landscape above and beyond the human body. While his paintings are definitely earthy, they view the world and the human activities unfolding therein from a considerable distance – much like a satellite orbiting the earth rather than a man participating in the throng of humanity.

The detached perspective offers its own insights that force us to look at our world with the big picture constantly in view: climate change, or urban development in contra-distinction to the wild places beyond urban sprawl. When Munoz brings us back to Earth to experience humanity first hand, we find ourselves trapped in his head contemplating paintings like “The Labyrinth of Useless Thoughts”.

In terms of connections to iconic art from the annals of art history, Jose’s work seems to me more rooted in J.M.W Turner’s late abstracted landscapes (specifically: Shade and Darkness – The Evening of the Deluge, The Morning After the Deluge, Sunrise with Sea Monsters, and Coast Scene) than contemporary abstract art movements of the 20th century. Like Turner (who was obsessed about painting phenomena pertaining to the weather and the elements), Muñoz’s abstracts are mostly rooted in tangible, temporal things (or at least things that used to be tangible as is the case with “Ancient Underwater Civilization”). In this he is not so different than Picasso who maintained that his abstracts where always rooted in the reality of the physical world.

Jose works with gesso, acrylic and various palette knives to achieve a highly textured palimpsest effect that functions as an analogy of the ebb and flow of geological time and the histories of many civilizations written, scrapped down and rewritten over vast periods of time.

Nathalie Zelman

Nathalie ZELMAN (1958) is an artist born in 1958 The oldest artwork ever registered on the website for this artist is a painting sold in 2007, at Aguttes (S.V.V.), and the most recent artwork is a painting sold in 2013.’s price levels for this artist are based on 8 auction results. Especially: painting.