Project Description

Cheng Wei

Chen Wei addresses social issues and documents human values and desires through his photographs of still lifes, empty interiors, and staged nightclub scenes. Whether capturing dark, deserted interiors or dance club portraits, Chen’s works are marked by a dramatic, cinematic quality. Chen is best known for the “Float” series, which calls attention to China’s prohibition of large gatherings, except in the case of nightclubs. Simultaneously sad and beautiful, the images reveal temporary escapes from a restrictive reality—a sense reinforced by the deliberately exaggerated, dream-like settings. Culling inspiration from the daily news and everyday life, as well as artists such as John CageWolfgang TillmansMartin Parr, and Zhang Jungang, Chen is more concerned with capturing the outcomes of dramatic conflicts than showing the stories behind them.

Bo Wang

Bo Wang, born 1982 in Chongqing, China, is an artist and filmmaker currently based in the United States.

2011 MFA Photography, Video and Related Media, School of Visual Arts, New York
2007 MS Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing
2004 BS Physics and Mathematics, Tsinghua University, BeijingSolo Exhibitions
2011 Heteroscapes, Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Guangdong
2010 Heteroscapes, Gallery 456, New York

Yu Lai

Yu Lai (CHINA) an artist who uses an artistic method to represent the delicate forms of ancient creatures will exhibit a piece entitled “Life Boat,” a mixed media on canvas.
Geologically, Yunnan province is quite rich in resources from Proterozoic era up to the present. Its diversity of species of marine and terrestrial creatures make it known as a rare biological museum for the world.
“I first started the series of ‘Echo of Ancient Life’ in 2001; at that time, the Kunming government entrusted our company to set up an ‘Ecological Gallery,’ and the original idea was to create some bionic architectures following the form of ancient fossil’s prototype,” said Lai.
“For some reason, this project was held up; but  I began to try other possibilities beyond the idea of bionic architecture because I wanted to continue my dream for this creation,” said Lai.

Jingyan Fu

Born in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. Live and works in Shenyang, Liaoning.

Zeng Han

Independent Photographer & Curator
1974 Born in Guangdong,China.
Currently based in Guangzhou China.
1997 BA in International Journalism and Communication, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China.
2009 Photo Global, Artist residency program, School of Visaul Arts, New York, U.S.A.

2010-Now Founder & Director of Authtic Vision,
2001-2008 Director of photography at City Pictorial
2000-2001 Photographer and Editor at 21st CENTURY BUSINESS HERALD
1998-2000 Photo Journalist at New Express

Yang Maoyuan

Born in Dalian, China
Graduated from the Printing Department, Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
CCAA Award
Lives and works in Beijing, China

A Loulan Citizen,ABC-ARTE,Genova,Italy
Yang Maoyuan 2010, Today Art Museum,Beijing, China
Look Inside, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, Italy
The Archetype, the Horse & the Qi, Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin, Germany
Trace of the Time, White Space Beijing, China
Look Inside, DDM Warehouse, Shanghai, China
Look Inside, The Danish Art Exchange, Beijing, China
Food in the Cattle’s Stomach, One World Art Central, Beijing, China
Yang Maoyuan’s Paintings, Guanyuan Hotel, Beijing, China
Created and show series Wasteland Sculpture- Family and Road, Sign Luobupo (China)
to be completed in approximately 10 years, China