Project Description


Miguel Angel Yus

After university studies in succession to advertising, marketing, psychology, industrial design and the arts, he devoted two years to travel, especially performs stays at the foot of the Himalayas. This period and experiences definitely the lead on the path of art. There is then a duty to convey the beauty and felt sensations and enter them in plastic.

His personal style he creates á little bit and decisive encounter with Zao Wou-Ki, known Chinese painter and one of the most prestigious fathers of abstract expressionism, offers him the opportunity to learn for two years with the artist.
For Yus, The art, a painting, a poem, are small connections with the Great Nature, which the human species belongs.
It is the attempt to pass a visionary flash through sustainable sensitivity to be.
That same sensitivity he has refined over long periods spent in the mountains, but also in cities, trying to understand the philosophies of all cultures or to love beautiful creatures.
It’s connecting, unifying all this, leaving the unborn flow that gushes the essence that moves, passes and transcends.

The works of Yus are somehow, explosion made multiple explosions, a Big Bang, a genesis of sounds, colors, energies sealed on canvas affecting essential to be when every sound, every color and every emotion is an ancestral echo in our midst, and spring into a fantastic stampede of our senses.