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Raptuz is a famous graffiti writer from Milan, co-founder of the italian historical TDK Crew and part of the world-renowned CBS crew, from West-Hollywood – California. He has been doing graffiti since almost thirty years, developing his figurative style both in Italy and in California where he has lived for several years.
He is considered one of the historical italian graffiti writers that was important for the development of the movement in the country.
He has been painting and showing worldwide, and during this last year he has exhibited in Miami, Italy, and Germany for personal and collective expositions.


Born in 1976, Poesia Transcend is a self-taught San Francisco Bay Area artist. During his early years as a graffiti writer at the turn of the nineties, he was recognized for his experimental Wildstyle pieces. In the middle of the decade, he became involved with the Transcend Collective. During this period, Poesia became one of the pioneering practitioners of what became known as Abstract Graffiti, along with Joker, Kofie, and SheOne from the collective. Contemporaries, half a world apart and unaware of each other, were the Ikonklast Movement in the UK, with Juice126, Part2ism, and Remi/Rough in the ranks, also exploring abstraction and progression.

In 2010, Poesia launched the blog The site has become a podium to advocate “progressive graffiti” and unite a geographically disparate community of international artists and their audience. In 2011, at Art Art Basel Miami, Poesia also curated, In Situ, a mural painting collaboration with many artists associated with Graffuturism, such as Kofie, Mare139, Matt W. Moore, Remi/Rough, SheOne and more.

Poesia was recently featured in Complex Magazine’s 25 most important artists of 2012. He has also been a friend of and regularly involved with the inner circle of since the nineties when he was in three of the only six issues of the printed magazine.