Project Description


Manuela Cimmino

I was born in Milan, where I also live with my family.
I have a 8 years old boy, Alessandro, and a partner, Marco. I graduated in Political Science and I couldn’t decide between journalism and diplomacy. I was also fascinated by fashion, so I decided to become a fashion stylist. Images and imagery were important to me, so important that I decided to work focus on the medium that communicates through images: TV where for 15 years I have been a writer. Now words have became emotions expressed through art. The first painting was called Heart and I have not stopped since. My dream is to model each word, turning it into an object that comunicate emotions for me and for the viewer. I’ll be in New York on May.

I try to create my works with one unique element;  substance, words and images. Each work interprets one word that contains different emotions muddled up between harmony and conflict. I can’t begin to think of my work without the dense structure of emotions that have created, destroyed and reinvigorated it. I need plenty of time to sediment an emotion and then transform it into a work of art that translates it fully. I like to think that every emotion and consequently every word, contains in itself its own meaning  but at the same time its exact opposite.