Project Description

Twice upon a Time… is a story. The story of our daily lives taken into the realm of painting.

A story presented as the catalyst of ideas and feelings, reminding us that where ever we are, we live in the same surreal world, a world full of fantasies. By using words for evidencing our existence, and painting as the medium to present them we unveil this wonderful relationship between words and images. The result is an analog work in which borders are crossed between disciplines by taking painting into the space possessed by video and iconography bordering the line between drawing and painting.

Twice upon a Time… is a dynamic project, a collaboration between two artists, two women and two human beings. Each one of us begins a story and transfers this idea into the canvas. The second one gives the story an end, and completes the piece started by the first artist. This process continues until all the pieces are completed.

Two women, two souls, two scenarios, two nationalities, two stories, two worlds, two realities, two ways of making art and all this comes together in one majestic story that never comes to an end: Twice upon a Time…


Isabel Brink

Isabel was born in Chile in a family touched by art in her father’s side. Isabel is a Graphic Designer and she worked in this field for many years in Chile and also giving art classes for children where she could have a strong influence with children’s creative art expressions. She paints in a proffesional way since 1999. In 2002 she had her first big exhibition in Chile, “In Vivo” . 24 acrilic and oil paintings in several sizes bringing honor to Eve, the first woman. She lives in Miami since 2003 painting under the direction of the outstanding chilean artist, Jaime Ferrer. “The world I want to show in my paintings is a colorful world through my eyes.

Laura Villarreal

Born in Monterrey, Mexico; Laura initiated her art studies at the University of North Carolina. Later she continued her work in New York City at The New York School of Visual Arts and the Art Students’ League. In 2011, she graduated from the Universidad de Barcelona IL-3 with a Master’s Degree in Analysis and Management of Contemporary Art.

She resides in Miami and has exhibited her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Mexico and the United States which include the Instituto Cultural de Mexico in Miami and the Embassy of Chile in Washington D.C. She was selected to participate in Arte Americas 2009 and 2010 as part of the Mexican Pavilion in Miami, FL as well as Pool Art fair and Spectrum Miami. Her work is part of private and public collections throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe.