Project Description

Ivonne Torres

Ivonne Torres show will address the idea of abstraction and evolution towards the enigmatic.

Ivonne Torres’s works with the present of colors like blue, red, orange, yellow, and dark tones that are full of abstraction and intensity. Her remarkable compositions also incorporate the Besukonas collection.

The Besukonas collections is a series of paintings that were created from fun loving people. Besukonas means love, affection, joy, warmth, and is all about the lips……

 “When I create a painting for the Besukonas I begin with the idea of vibrant colors, textured hair and eyes that can see right through you. The textures show the depth and countless hours that go into creating the Beskonas series.

The textures are a blend of materials that range from acrylic paint, charcoal, and many other mediums. There are always challenges in creating the next series of Besukonas because I want to keep them funky and original. 

 I see creativity and art through people, the reflective nature of how people interact with each other help me to be inspired to create such warm pieces.     

The new series of “object art Besukonas” was developed as a smaller version to fit contemporary lifestyles.  This new series allows for the artwork to be displayed in any space.   I hope you enjoy the creativity, and loving feelings the Besukonas series has to offer”

Ivonne was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She studied Design and has participated on national and international expositions. Her work is well recognized thanks to her outstanding taste of color, and the creation of mystery.

The first solo exhibition in Miami of Torres will take place at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery with a selection of her most significant works during the last years.

This magnificent exposition will take place in 1800 N. Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33123 from April 27 to May 26, 2012. The Opening will be on Friday April 27, 2012 from 7 to 10 pm.

Media and public are cordially invited to participate in this unique event. If you have any questions or would like more information about the event please contact us via E-mail at